Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is going under water: authorities have declared a state of emergency

The authorities of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk declared a state of emergency due to the consequences of the typhoon. In the south of the island, roads, cars, yards and houses went under water.

“We are introducing a state of emergency throughout the entire urban district. Now at the headquarters I have demanded that all vice-mayors and heads of territories monitor the situation around the clock,” the mayor of the city Sergei Nadsadin wrote in his Telegram channel.

By this hour, reports of flooding of more than 20 houses had been received, the mayor specified. The regional headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that 584 private and six apartment buildings remain without electricity. Repair crews are doing their best to restore power as quickly as possible. Water is being pumped out from flooded buildings everywhere.

Meanwhile, the city’s main life support facilities are operating as normal, as is the airport, the department added. Ferry and rail transport operate according to actual weather conditions.

Source: Rambler

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