WP: Ukraine secretly maintains contacts with the Russian Federation despite the ban on negotiations

The Western edition of The Washington Post wrote that Russia and Ukraine secretly maintain contacts, despite the fact that Ukrainian legislation prohibits negotiations with the Russian side.

It is noted that the parties are negotiating on a number of humanitarian issues with the help of intermediaries, such as Turkey, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Vatican and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and during direct contacts and calls. It is noted that most agreements are reached during face-to-face meetings and direct contacts, but both sides prefer not to advertise their existence.

Putin announced Russia’s readiness for negotiations with Ukraine

Negotiations are ongoing on issues such as the exchange of prisoners and remains of soldiers; the passage of Ukrainian courts and the return of Ukrainian children stranded in Russia to their parents.

On October 4, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree that put into effect the decisions of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) on the impossibility of negotiating with Russia during the reign of President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, the United States and Ukraine began negotiations on security guarantees for Kyiv.

Source: Rambler

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