Vilfand said that frosts will come to Moscow on October 18

Night frosts down to minus one degree are forecast in Moscow from Wednesday until the end of the week. The weather will also be cool during the day, Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, told TASS.

“On Monday it will be (plus) 7-9 degrees, on Tuesday – 5-7 degrees, on Wednesday – 7-8 degrees. From Wednesday until the end of the week, the night temperature will drop to minus 1 – plus 4 degrees,” he said He.

According to Vilfand, Muscovites can expect typical autumn weather throughout the week.

“The pressure throughout the week is predicted to be below normal, so it will be cloudy, light rain, we don’t expect significant rain. It will be typical autumn weather – gloomy and with very, very rare sunshine,” the meteorologist noted.

Source: Rambler

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