Three underground pedestrian crossings are being built in Northern Butovo

Three underground pedestrian crossings will appear in Northern Butovo. This was announced by the head of the capital’s Department of Construction Rafik Zagrutdinov.

“Two underground pedestrian crossings are currently being built in the Northern Butovo area. One of them will be under Ratnaya Street in the area of ​​building 16, building 3, the other will be under Polyany Street, in the area of ​​building 23 on Starobitsevskaya Street. These structures will replace existing crossings. Currently, utilities are being re-laid at the sites, and builders have begun excavating the soil,” said Rafik Zagrutdinov.

The third crossing is also being built under Polyany Street near the emergency medical substation (possession 3a, building 5). Thus, it will be more convenient and safer for pedestrians to cross the road between the Bitsevsky forest and residential buildings, and motorists will have a traffic-light-free road from the Moscow Ring Road to South Butovo.

Pedestrian crossings are being built as part of the project to create the Solntsevo-Butovo-Varshavskoe highway, which will become an alternative to the Moscow Ring Road in the south-west of the city.

“There will be five sections of the road in total: traffic is now open on three, construction work is underway on two more of them,” added Rafik Zagrutdinov.

Source: Rambler

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