The Victory Museum has become a partner of educational organizations in the Moscow region

On Teacher’s Day, October 5, an inter-municipal meeting of leaders and teachers of educational organizations in Lobnya and Khimki was held at the Victory Museum. This was reported on Friday, October 6, by the press service of the institution.

As part of the discussion, teachers discussed current and interesting formats of work on the patriotic education of schoolchildren and the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Russia. Moreover, during the meeting, a framework agreement on cooperation was signed between the Victory Museum and educational organizations in Lobnya and Khimki. At the end of the inter-municipal meeting, all its participants visited the large-scale exhibition of the “Feat of the People” museum.

“The Victory Museum is a place where everyone who comes here will think, realize and understand that heroism, resilience, strength, courage and the will of the people united against the enemy make our Russia invincible,” said Vice Admiral Fyodor Smuglin, deputy director of the museum.

For Teacher’s Day, the Victory Museum also prepared a virtual exhibition project “The feat of a teacher at the front and in the rear.” The creation of expositions for this exhibition was carried out by young participants in the historical and patriotic session “School Museum of Victory” at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Eaglet”.

Source: Rambler

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