The Vatican says bombing the Gaza Strip does not solve the problem

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, condemns both the Hamas attack on Israel and the bombing of civilians in the Gaza Strip, which do not bring a solution.

“Bombings do not bring any solution, we must look to the future. We strongly condemn the actions of Hamas in the south of Israel with senseless cruelty, this is completely unacceptable, but starving 2 million people who are not Hamas is not the answer,” the hierarch said in an interview with the Vatican MASS MEDIA.

He called to stop the war, “the senselessness of cruelty.”

“Only by ending decades of occupation and its tragic consequences, and by giving a clear perspective to the Palestinian people, can a peace process be achieved,” he wrote in a letter to his congregation, which includes both Palestinians and Israelis.

“If this problem is not solved fundamentally, stability will never come,” he added.

According to the cardinal, the coexistence of Palestinians and Israelis is extremely difficult, but “a clean world does not exist.”

“The goal of both sides should be stability,” says the hierarch of the Roman Catholic Church.

Pizzaballa indicates a “catastrophic” situation in the Gaza Strip, with more than 5 thousand dead, including many women and children, and “enormous destruction.”

In the Gaza Strip, the power of attacks on the enclave was compared with the bombing of Hiroshima

Source: Rambler

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