The US told what will happen with the help of Ukraine

Ukraine may lose US financial assistance or continue to receive much less of it due to the political crisis in Washington and declining support in Europe. This forecast was given by the former director of Russia analysis at the CIA, George Beebe, in an article for the magazine Responsible Statecraft, reports RIA News.

“This combination could create a tipping point when the gradual decline in Western support for Ukraine turns into a sharp decline or complete cessation,” the analyst said.

He believes that in this hopeless situation, Kyiv will be unable to either move to a diplomatic settlement or win the war. Regardless of the outcome of the hostilities, further financing of Ukraine will become a problem for the West, not Russia, Bibi emphasized.

In addition, the ex-intelligence officer suggested that without a full-fledged peace with Russia, Kyiv will face difficulties in finding allies in the West who would agree to sponsor it. The flow of refugees from Ukraine will not decrease; all this in total will lead to splits in the EU and NATO. US policy will get stuck in disputes about who is to blame for Kyiv’s defeat, the author added.

Last weekend, the US Congress passed a temporary budget that provided funding for the government for the next month and a half. One of the conditions for its approval was the exclusion of appropriations intended to support Ukraine.

Source: Rambler

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