The US named the cause of an explosion in a hospital in the Gaza Strip

US intelligence believes that the explosion at the Al-Ahli hospital was the result of an unsuccessful rocket launch by “militants in Gaza.” This was announced by the head of the State Department press service, Matthew Miller, transmits TASS.

“We are still gathering information, but based on our preliminary assessments, the assessments of the intelligence community within the US government, the hospital explosion was the result of a failed rocket launch by militants in Gaza,” he said.

Let us recall that on October 17, the Al-Ahli hospital in the Gaza Strip was struck. The attack killed 471 people and injured more than 300. Palestine and Israel later blamed each other for the incident.

US intelligence assesses the extent of damage to a hospital in Gaza

According to Palestine, the strike was carried out from an Israeli aircraft. Israel claims that the hospital was hit by a rocket launched unsuccessfully by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

Source: Rambler

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