The United States admitted six of its mistakes in relations with Russia

Washington made many mistakes that ultimately resulted in a conflict with Russia, and is now sacrificing the lives of people in Ukraine for its own goals. This opinion was expressed by Doug Bandow, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and former assistant to US President Ronald Reagan, in an article for the American Conservative, reports RIA News.

“Washington and its allies have repeatedly fueled a senseless conflict,” he said.

Bendow believes that Washington’s first mistake was the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia, that is, ignoring all previous agreements in this regard. The alliance’s operation against Yugoslavia also showed the West’s disrespect for Russia’s concerns, the analyst noted.

Then the United States miscalculated its approach to the Minsk agreements, which the West entered into to buy time rather than to achieve peace in Ukraine. In addition, the leaders of Europe and the United States until recently did not pay attention to the statements of Vladimir Putin, who was concerned about military cooperation between Ukraine and NATO.

Bendow said the latest mistake was the US’s obstruction of a diplomatic settlement of the hostilities in Ukraine – Washington interrupted negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in March 2022. The analyst is confident that further escalation of the situation continues by pumping Ukraine up with weapons, which in fact do not give it an advantage on the battlefield, but provoke Moscow to retaliate.

“Washington and Europe not only share responsibility for this terrible conflict, but also use the blood of Ukrainians to achieve their own goals,” Bandow concluded.

Source: Rambler

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