The ruling party of Georgia said that Zurabishvili wants to create a new party

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili plans to join forces with the former Prime Minister of the republic Giorgi Gakharia to create a new opposition political force, believes the head of the ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party, Irakli Kobakhidze, Sputnik.Georgia reports. According to him, the party will appear before the parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn 2024, and will likely unite with the country’s largest opposition force, the United National Movement.

“Of course, any such association is completely futile,” Kobakhidze noted.

Recently, representatives of the Georgian Dream and the Georgian authorities have been actively criticizing Zurabishvili amid the failure of an attempt to impeach the president in parliament. The ruling party launched the process itself in early September. Georgian Dream explained this decision as a violation of the basic law of the state by the president. According to the party, this should be considered the start of Zurabishvili’s European tour without government permission.

On October 16, the Constitutional Court recognized the violation of the law by the President of Georgia, thereby giving the green light to begin the impeachment procedure. The corresponding decision was supported by six of the nine members of the court. After this, the process moved to parliament. The implementation of impeachment required the support of not only the party in power, but also the opposition. As a result, Georgian Dream failed to collect the required number of votes to remove Zurabishvili.

Source: Rambler

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