The policeman who mocked the detainees fled from the court after hearing the verdict

In Ugra, the verdict was announced for a former policeman who beat up detainees, and he, without waiting for the guards, ran away from the courtroom. reports this with reference to the press service of the court.

As the prosecution proved, a police major from Surgut beat the detainees in January and February 2020. He also used special equipment on the victims, but their use was declared illegal. At the same time, the victims themselves did not resist arrest and did not pose a danger to the internal affairs officer.

He was found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment and rank. For repeated abuse of power with the use of violence and special means, he was imprisoned for 6.5 years. The man, as specified, was under recognizance not to leave the place before the sentencing, and after listening to him, he did not wait for the guards, but left the building on his own.

“The ex-policeman did not wait for the guards who were going up the stairs, but calmly left the room. He was put on the federal wanted list,” the press service noted.

Earlier in Pervouralsk, a man jumped out of a window and escaped from court when his parole was revoked.

Source: Rambler

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