The plane departing for St. Petersburg returned to the airport due to problems with the landing gear

A Rossiya Airlines plane, flying to St. Petersburg with 75 passengers on board, returned to the Kaliningrad airport due to the landing gear not being retracted. About it it says in the Telegram channel of Khrabrovo Airport.

According to the press service of the air hub, the Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B aircraft took off from Kaliningrad at 9:03.

“After takeoff, a decision was made to return to the airport of departure due to the landing gear not being retracted. The plane landed at Khrabrovo airport as usual at 9:30,” the message says.

The airport reported that the airline decided to leave the plane at Khrabrovo “until technical faults are resolved.” Flight FV 6334 was cancelled. The passengers who flew with them will be sent to St. Petersburg on other airline flights.

Earlier, a Boeing 737 passenger plane flying from Antalya skidded off the runway when landing at Perm airport. One of the probable causes of the incident was that the pilot did not have time to brake in time.

And on September 12, an Airbus A320 plane, flying from Sochi to Omsk, made an emergency landing on a field in the Novosibirsk region. There were 159 passengers on board, including children, and six crew members. None of them were seriously injured. General Director of Ural Airlines Sergei Skuratov said that the cause of the emergency landing was the failure of one of the three hydraulic systems.

Source: Rambler

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