The Moscow Department of Transport spoke about restrictions for scooters

In certain cases, scooters can be ridden on the side of the road or sidewalk, but if this interferes with other people, you need to dismount and walk. The speed of movement is limited to 25 kilometers per hour, and in “slow zones,” of which there are 250 in Moscow, it should not exceed 5-15 kilometers per hour. Such rules for the capital’s fans of riding scooters were announced in response to a deputy request from the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Tatiana Butskaya in the Moscow Department of Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure. A copy of the letter is at the disposal of the Parliamentary Gazette.

In places where there is no bicycle path and it is not possible to ride on the side of the road or the right edge of the roadway, you can ride scooters and bicycles on the sidewalk or footpath. But if it endangers or interferes with other people, you must dismount “and follow the requirements for pedestrians,” the document says.

Companies that rent electric scooters are required to limit their speed to 25 kilometers per hour. Scooters must have working brakes, sound signals and reflectors. It is forbidden to get on a scooter together and ride drunk.

“Slow zones are also being introduced, in which the speed is automatically reduced to 5-15 km/h. As of September 2023, 250 “slow zones” have been introduced,” the department wrote in its response to the deputy’s appeal.

In addition, the Moscow transport complex, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is working on the issue of verification and identification of SIM users in order to ensure automatic photo-video recording of violations committed by such road users, the Department of Transport indicated.

Source: Rambler

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