The IV All-Russian Forum “Peoples of Russia” will be held in Moscow on November 2-3

The IV All-Russian Forum “Peoples of Russia”, which has been held since 2020, will be held in Moscow on November 2-3.

Representatives of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation annually participate in the forum.

The main agenda of the forum is to discuss and find solutions to current problems of state national policy, increase the efficiency and professional competencies of state civil servants, municipal employees and representatives of public organizations in the field of interethnic relations, as well as the formation of business communications between participants.

The forum program includes an all-Russian seminar-meeting on the implementation of state national policy with the heads of government bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, a meeting of the expert council at the FADN of Russia, the VIII All-Russian educational campaign “Great Ethnographic Dictation”, award ceremonies for the winners of the VII International Photo Competition “Russian civilization” and the winners of the Competition for the best interregional projects in the implementation of the state national policy of the Russian Federation “The Best in General”.

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