The Investigative Committee asked to extend Blinovskaya’s term of house arrest

The Investigative Committee demands an extension of house arrest and a ban on using the Internet for blogger Elena Blinovskaya in the case of non-payment of 918 million rubles in taxes. This was reported to TASS in the Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow, where the relevant investigation materials were received.

“The court received a petition from the investigation to extend the house arrest of E. O. Blinovskaya. The court hearing is scheduled for 10:30 on October 24,” the agency was told.

The blogger’s previous preventive measure expires on October 26.

On April 27, Blinovskaya was detained while trying to leave the Russian Federation in a rented car; she had air tickets to fly to another state. A criminal case has been opened against her; she is accused of tax evasion on an especially large scale and legalization of funds and property acquired by criminal means on an especially large scale. Later, the court chose to prohibit certain actions of her husband Alexei Blinovsky, who was charged with aiding tax evasion. The Blinovskys’ accounts were frozen as part of interim measures. She admitted guilt and has already partially compensated for the damage.

Blinovskaya is being held under house arrest in her home in the Millennium Park cottage community near Moscow. She is prohibited from using the Internet and communications, except for emergency calls.

Source: Rambler

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