The hydrometeorological center warned Muscovites about frosts of up to 6 degrees

Over the weekend, the temperature in the Moscow region will drop sharply to minus 4-6 degrees; during the day the thermometer will not rise above zero degrees, said Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

On Sunday night in the capital the temperature will drop to minus 2-4 degrees, and in the region – to minus 6 degrees, reports TASS his words.

During the day it will warm up to plus 3-5 degrees, in the Moscow region up to plus 5 degrees. All this is below the climatic norm; such weather is more typical for November, Vilfand said.

On Saturday, according to the forecaster, sleet, rain and frosts of up to 2 degrees are forecast, which will lead to icy conditions in the region.

Source: Rambler

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