The health train will arrive in Moscow on November 14

The health train “Together Against Diabetes” departed from Vladivostok to Moscow, through 37 settlements, and will arrive in the capital on November 14. This was stated on October 26 by the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Federal Structure, Regional Policy, Local Government and Northern Affairs Galina Karelova during a meeting of the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum.

The action is held from September 10 to November 14 with the support of the Federation Council as part of the Eurasian Women’s Forum project. The list of train stops includes 37 settlements, many of which are located in the Far Eastern territories, the senator noted.

“Not all settlements have serious medical organizations, and if there are, there is not enough modern equipment everywhere. Thanks to the campaign, people have the opportunity to undergo a serious health examination,” said Karelova.

The special train is called “Together against diabetes”. On the way and during stops, Russian Railways Medicine doctors conduct medical examinations and diagnostic tests aimed at identifying diabetes mellitus or the risks of its development. These are express tests for glucose, cholesterol, checking intraocular pressure, ECG, ultrasound of the thyroid gland.

The inspection begins with a survey, Elena Zhidkova, head of the Central Directorate of Health Care, a branch of Russian Railways OJSC. Then tests are carried out, blood is drawn and a doctor is consulted. All this takes about 20 minutes. Zhidkova noted that four thousand people were examined at the stations. Of these, 254 were diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, 576 had thyroid pathology, and 24 had suspected cancer. This data will be transferred to the Ministry of Health and regional administrations.

Zhidkova clarified that the average age of those examined was 57 years. “I would like to note that the team has highly qualified doctors; they are assisted by modern equipment with the most advanced technology capabilities. This action is a contribution to the health of the nation and increasing the life expectancy of Russians,” Karelova added in turn.

In 66 days, the train will cover a distance of more than 20 thousand kilometers and arrive in Moscow, at the Leningradsky Station, on November 14, World Diabetes Day.

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