The case of Daria Trepova and her accomplice was submitted to a military court for consideration

The 2nd Western District Military Court received materials from the criminal case of Daria Trepova, accused of committing a terrorist attack in which military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky died, TASS reports.

The case of Trepova and her alleged accomplice Dmitry Kasintsev was registered in accordance with the established procedure. It has not yet been distributed to the judge, and therefore a hearing date has not been set.

On April 2, a terrorist attack occurred in the Street Bar cafe in the center of St. Petersburg. As a result, military commander Vladlen Tatarsky was killed and 42 more people were injured.

A criminal case was opened. As part of the investigation, Daria Trepova was detained: she gave the journalist a figurine, inside of which there was an explosive device. Later she was sent to a pre-trial detention center.

Dmitry Kasintsev, to whom Trepova came after the terrorist attack, was also detained. He knew that she was involved in the incident, but hid her and gave the police false information about the girl’s whereabouts. He was then placed under house arrest.

Source: Rambler

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