Tbilisi Mayor Kaladze stated that there are no facts of Russian interference in the elections in Georgia

There is not a single fact of Russian interference in the elections in Georgia, and this is not expected in the 2024 parliamentary elections, said the Secretary General of the ruling Georgian Dream, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, reports the correspondent of the newspaper VZGLYAD in Tbilisi.

“Don’t give me a single example of Russian interference in elections in Georgia held after 2012, when the Georgian Dream came to power.” There are no such facts,” Kaladze said, commenting on the issue of Moscow’s possible influence on the upcoming elections in Georgia in a year.

The mayor of Tbilisi emphasized that “maximum attention will be paid to the democratic conduct of elections in 2024, so that no one has the opportunity to doubt this.”

According to him, “the Georgian Dream will win the elections next year, just like in 2028.”

“Remember this day and my forecast. We will receive a constitutional majority (at the end of the 2024 elections),” he said.

Previously, the head of the Georgian State Security Service Grigol Liluashvili promised to respond on the opposition’s plans to “identify collaborators working with Russia” if the law is violated.

Source: Rambler

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