Sydney refused to fly the Israeli flag to avoid a split in society

Sydney City Hall has refused to fly the Israeli flag in front of City Hall and light up the building in blue and white as a sign of support for the Jewish state for fears of causing divisions in the community. The TV channel reports this 9News with reference to the office of the Lord Mayor of the Metropolitan Clover Moore.

According to the TV channel, the reason for the refusal to support Israel was the fears of city authorities that “this would cause a split in the community, cause harm and would be contrary to city values.”

“Statements condemning terrorism, violence and war will be enough to express our solidarity with all affected communities. Supporting one side is divisive and harmful, and goes against Sydney’s core values ​​of inclusion and harmony,” Lord Lord said -mayor.

Earlier, Moore, who has remained Lord Mayor of Australia’s largest city for almost two decades (since March 2004), criticized the NSW government’s decision to light up the Sydney Opera House in the colors of the Israeli flag, saying that “there is no need to take sides in conflict.”

Mass protests in support of Palestine have been taking place in Sydney weekly since October 9. More than 15 thousand people took part in the latest demonstration, which took place on Saturday. They called on the Australian authorities to stop unconditional support for Israel and direct all efforts towards a ceasefire and a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Source: Rambler

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