Sobyanin excluded vape manufacturers from the city’s list of support for investment entities

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a law excluding manufacturers of nicotine consumption devices from the list of investment entities supported by the city. The corresponding resolution was published on the official website of the city mayor on Thursday, October 5.

Document the provision of the law “On the investment policy of Moscow and state support of investment entities” is clarified, the word “or” is replaced by the words “nicotine-containing products, devices for consumption.”

In connection with such a decision, manufacturers of such products will not be able to qualify for economic incentives for their activities and support from the city.

Not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia today there is an active fight against electronic cigarettes. So, at the end of summer, Izvestia, with reference to a draft government resolution, reported that the sale of vapes with flavors may be banned in Russia from March 1, 2024.

The State Duma also wants to achieve complete ban vapes in Russia. Politicians recall foreign experience and want to completely abandon electronic cigarettes.

Source: Rambler

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