Sergei Sobyanin told how the territory of the industrial zone “Prozhektor” will be transformed

The city approved a project for the reorganization of part of the Prozhektor industrial zone in the east of the capital in the Perovo district. The area of ​​the site is about 200 hectares. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced this on Wednesday, October 18.

Now the territory of the industrial zone “Prozhektor” is mainly occupied by warehouses. Instead, modern residential areas will be built to accommodate more than 17.6 thousand people, including participants in the Renovation Program, and social infrastructure – kindergartens, schools, a clinic, a shopping and entertainment complex with a sports complex and others. The reorganization of the industrial zone will create about 10 thousand jobs.

— The project includes the reconstruction and construction of about 3.4 kilometers of roads, improvement of boulevards, squares and intra-block areas. The area will have pedestrian zones, bicycle paths, parking lots and a charging station for electric vehicles,” Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his Telegram channel.

In total, in Moscow there are at different stages of implementation 188 projects integrated development of territories. The total area of ​​these plots is about 2.45 thousand hectares.

Three more plots in the Northern Tushino and Kurkino districts in the north-west of the capital they will be reorganized according to the program of integrated development of territories.

Source: Rambler

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