Russians were warned about mass cancellations and delays of flights at Moscow airports

At three Moscow airports on Tuesday, October 24, 26 flights were canceled and delayed. This is evidenced by the service data “Yandex.Schedules”.

Thus, Russians were warned that the departures of four aircraft at Domodedovo were delayed, and two were cancelled. Meanwhile, eight flights to Vnukovo were postponed, two were cancelled. Nine flights to Sheremetyevo were delayed and one was cancelled.

There is no information about disruptions to the schedule in Zhukovsky. The reason for the massive change in aircraft departure times at the capital’s airports has not been reported.

Earlier in October, a Russian passenger airliner flying from Thailand abruptly changed course due to unfavorable weather conditions. An unexpected situation occurred with a plane flying from Phuket to Krasnoyarsk. Due to strong cross winds, the crew lost control of the aircraft.

Source: Rambler

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