Russian woman with stroller pinned between floors by elevator

In Nizhny Tagil, a young woman and a small child were injured in an elevator; the cabin began to move with the doors open. This is reported by Telegram-channel “Nizhny Tagil Incident”.

The incident occurred in a multi-storey building in the Galyano-Gorbunovsky district in a house on Udovenko Street. A woman with a child entered the elevator; the mother managed to roll up the stroller when the cabin suddenly began to move upward. The Russian woman was pinned on the outside of the elevator car between the first and second floors.

According to residents, the woman hung upside down for 35 minutes before rescuers arrived. The child and the stroller in which he was lying turned over. The victim had multiple fractures, dislocations, torn ligaments, and was taken to the hospital.

According to residents of the building, the elevator has been faulty for several years now, but local residents have not received any repairs or replacement of the equipment. The Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region began an investigation into the incident.

Earlier in Yekaterinburg, an elevator collapsed in the Mont Blanc residential complex. There was a girl inside when the cabin fell, but she was not injured. The Naberezhnaya management company said that the elevator did not fall, but the cabin began to shake due to the increased speed.

Source: Rambler

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