Poland’s ruling party leads parliamentary elections, 75% of votes counted

Poland’s State Election Commission said it had counted 75% of the ballots from the October 15 parliamentary elections. TASS reports this.

It is noted that the first place after processing 75% of the votes is occupied by the ruling Law and Justice party with 37.03%. The Civil Coalition party is in second place with 29.11% of the votes, and the Third Way is in third place with 14.47% of the votes. The Left received 8.31% of the votes, and the last party to pass the minimum threshold was the nationalist Confederation, gaining 7.24% of the votes.

Earlier, the State Election Commission of Poland reported that the ruling Law and Justice party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski is leading in the parliamentary elections.

According to the commission, after processing 10.3% of the ballots, Law and Justice receives 40.17% of the votes. The opposition “Civil Coalition” gains 26.55% of the votes.

Source: Rambler

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