Mostransavto began testing an environmentally friendly bus with a liquefied natural gas engine

An eco-friendly bus powered by liquefied natural gas has begun to be tested in Kolomna, the press service of Mostransavto JSC reported.

“The largest passenger carrier in the Moscow region, Mostransavto JSC, together with the Likinsky Bus Plant, has begun test operation of the LiAZ-5292 LNG bus, powered by liquefied natural gas. A large-class low-floor city bus with an environmentally friendly engine will transport Mostransavto passengers on route No. 11 in Kolomna. Let us remind you that Mostransavto is a subordinate organization of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow Region,” the message says.

As noted, LiAZ-5292 LNG is the first Russian large-class bus powered by liquefied natural gas. Thus, serial production of this model at the Likinsky Bus Plant began in 2021, and today more than 250 units are in daily operation in other regions of Russia. The press service said that the cabin has 29 seats, and in total the bus is designed to carry 105 passengers. At the same time, the absence of steps, a low entry level, a “kneeling” system (seven degrees tilted towards the doors) and a mechanical ramp ensure accessibility for passengers with limited mobility. In addition, the spacious storage area allows you to place a baby stroller and a wheelchair at the same time. LiAZ-5292 LNG is equipped with climate control systems, video surveillance, navigation and the ERA-Glonass system, electronic route indicators. The bus also has soft seats and USB chargers for gadgets.

“A sprung driver’s seat with electric heating, a steering column adjustable for reach and tilt, and heated side mirrors allow you to individually adjust the workplace to your height and weight, and also make the driver’s work easier in any weather conditions,” the company explained.

It is specified that the highly environmentally friendly bus is equipped with a domestic YaMZ gas engine running on liquefied natural gas. Thus, specific emissions into the atmosphere during the combustion of natural gas are three times less than those of a diesel engine, which reduces the negative impact on the environment, and cryogenic technologies used in the bus maintain a constant fuel temperature of minus 160 degrees and guarantee stable engine operation regardless of on the ambient temperature.

“Liquefied natural gas is stored in a cryogenic tank with a volume of 375 liters, which allows the bus to have a power reserve of over 320 km at one refueling. The pressure inside the cryogenic tank is only 16 atmospheres, which guarantees increased safety during operation,” added Mostransavto.

The press service reported that the LiAZ-5292 LNG complies with the service standards adopted by Mostransavto. Thus, passengers can pay for travel with contactless bank cards, as well as Strelka and Troika cards, or travel using social cards of residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. They said that testing will last until January 2024 with the possibility of extension. Even as part of the testing program, transport company specialists will evaluate the efficiency of the bus in different weather conditions, the advantages of using LNG technology, and based on the results of operational tests, Mostransavto JSC will consider the possibility of introducing vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas on routes in the Moscow region.

Earlier, the online publication “Moscow Region Today” reported that in the first half of autumn, passengers made more than 62 million trips on Mostransavto buses. Thus, residents and guests of the region recorded more than 30 million trips using social cards. Travel was paid with bank cards almost 19 million times, with Strelka and Troika transport cards – 13 million times.

Source: Rambler

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