Moscow transport passenger traffic increased by 400 thousand per year

The Moscow Department of Transport reported that passenger traffic in the capital’s transport has increased over the past year by almost 400 thousand people.

This is reported by “Moscow 24” with a link to the department’s Telegram channel.

Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov said that over ten years a reserve of carrying capacity has been formed, including through the development and commissioning of new lines of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) and Mosmetro.

On working days last week, 7.71 million people used the metro, 4.3 million passengers used ground transport, and 7.35 million used cars.

Previously NSN reported that on the first working day after the launch of the fourth Moscow Central Diameter (MCD-4), passengers made more than 216 thousand trips.

Source: Rambler

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