Moschino will show classic horror films in honor of Halloween

From October 28 to October 31, the Moschino cinema chain will show classic horror films, including Dracula, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and Vampire. The press service of the organization reported this.

“From October 28 to 31, we invite you to celebrate Halloween in the cozy halls of the Moschino cinemas. These days, our special program will show classic horror films that became the founders of the genre and made a real revolution in it. On the big screen you will see the movie stars who gave us the iconic images of famous monsters. Among them are Max Schreck in the form of the terrifying Dracula, from whom the blood runs cold, Fredric March, who reincarnated as Doctor Jekyll, and, of course, Werner Kraus, who brilliantly played the role of Doctor Caligari in the first horror film “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari,” they said in the press service.

A detailed schedule of shows is published on the network’s website.

Source: Rambler

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