Macron expressed condolences to the Prime Minister of Belgium after the terrorist attack in Brussels

French President Emmanuel Macron called Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo after a gunman shot and killed two Swedish citizens in Brussels.

“I have just spoken to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo to express the solidarity of the French people at this terrible moment that Brussels is experiencing. Our thoughts are with the victims of this cowardly attack, as well as with our Belgian and Swedish friends, whose shock we share,” wrote he is on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

On the evening of October 16, two Swedish football fans were killed in Brussels. reported newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws citing sources. The investigation into the incident was entrusted to the department of the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, specializing in terrorism cases. The man who attacked the passers-by disappeared and is being searched for.

French authorities after the attack decided to strengthen control at the border with Belgium.

Source: Rambler

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