Journalists compared the “lost” Scholz with Biden

German newspaper Der Westen turned Please note that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who arrived in Albania, got confused on the red carpet and stepped over the fence. Journalists compared him to US President Joe Biden, who is often ridiculed for his clumsiness.

Olaf Scholz visited Tirana, the capital of Albania, to discuss tensions between Serbia and Kosovo.

The Chancellor walked along the red carpet to the negotiations, deep in thought. He walked past Prime Minister Edi Rama and even stepped over the barrier, ignoring journalists shouting “No, no!” at him, and only then noticed his mistake, Der Westen notes.

According to the newspaper, this scene is a reflection of what is now happening in the chancellor’s head. On October 17, Scholz will visit Israel – a new war in the Middle East has become the third major crisis worrying the Chancellor (besides the conflict in Ukraine and the economic collapse), not counting the “eternal squabble” in the coalition government, Der Westen emphasizes.

Earlier, media reported that Biden’s repeated stumbles while boarding the presidential plane forced his team to use a shorter staircase. This allows Biden to avoid climbing the 18-foot (about 5.49 meters) outside ramp.

It was noted that the 80-year-old Biden’s falls and absent-mindedness could heighten unwanted concerns about his age as the president seeks a second term in 2024.

Source: Rambler

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