“It has become rounder and covered with fur”: the Moscow Zoo showed a grown-up panda

The baby pandas Dindin and Ruyi are two months old. The general director of the Moscow Zoo, Svetlana Akulova, announced this on Tuesday, October 24.

“During this time, she changed noticeably: she became rounder, completely covered with fur, and her nose became much darker. According to the results of the last examination, the baby already weighs 3428 grams, and in length (without the tail) she has grown by as much as seven centimeters, she said.

At the same time, the panda’s tail has slowed down and remains at the same level of 6.8 centimeters. The baby is holding her head more confidently, and her eyes have opened to small black buttons, Akulova wrote in her Telegram-channel.

Baby pandas Ruyi and Dingding was born in August. The baby became the first panda to be born in Russia. Despite the fact that the cub has already grown up, the baby’s mother is always nearby and looks after the baby.

On the 42nd day after birth, the baby opened her eyes. The cub is already reacting to light, but currently does not really see. The panda will gain clear vision in about two months, that is, towards the end of October.

Source: Rambler

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