Israel-Hamas conflict: what will “Thunder” do to Gaza?

From Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday October 25, Emmanuel Macron announced thesending a French Navy vessel, which would “support the hospitals” of Gaza. A few hours later, thee “Tonnerre” has set sail, around 4 p.m., heading towards the area. And a spokesperson for the French Navy told AFP that the hospital ship “will join the frigates Alsace and Surcouf” in the eastern Mediterranean.

The “Thunder” has hospital structures on board. According to the Head of State, the 199 meter long ship will, initially, “deliver humanitarian military equipment, medicines”and its contribution “will be discussed with the Israeli and Palestinian authorities, but also NGOs and the UNWRA”, in the coming days or weeks.

Also, as part of aid to local populations, a French plane will land this Thursday in Egypt, in order to deliver medical equipment, declared Emmanuel Macron, specifying that “others will follow”. For several days, humanitarian aid has been slowly arriving in Gaza through the Rafah crossing point, the only one not controlled by Israel.

Source: RTL

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