Israel-Hamas conflict: 30 French people killed in the October 7 attack, according to a new report

The toll of French victims killed in Hamas attacks against Israel has risen again, with a total of 30 dead and seven still missing, a diplomatic source announced to AFP on Friday. “Thirty of our nationals died in these attacks and seven are still missing, including at least one French woman taken hostage,” said this source.

The toll increased by two additional victims, while the number of missing remains unchanged. “There are probably other French people taken hostage,” added this same source, without further details. The spokesperson for the Quai d’Orsay refused Thursday during a press conference to communicate the exact number of French people taken hostage among the 203 people in the hands of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, to preserve their security.

The Israeli army estimated on Friday that the majority of the hostages were “alive”. This Friday, October 20, the French president Emmanuel Macron, for his part, promised the families of French hostages that Paris would do everything “so that they return safe and sound to France”reported the Élysée.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to rage in the Middle East, as a church was attacked by the IDF, causing several deaths according to Hamas, on Thursday October 19.

Source: RTL

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