In Taiwan, a couple poses in front of a pile of garbage to denounce pollution

Amazing photo to announce your marriage. Iris Hsueh, in a wedding dress, kisses her future husband Yiyang, in a tuxedo, in front of tons of bags of garbage. It takes place in Puli, a three-hour drive south of Taipei. According to a manager of the municipality’s sanitation team the quantity of garbage there has increased dramatically: from 20 tonnes per day in the 1980s to around 50 tonnes today. While the number of inhabitants falls!

Iris specifies that this problem does not only exist in Puli but in many other Taiwanese cities which are seeing the number of waste explode. And the bride and groom don’t stop there. Their wedding will be respectful of animals and the environment. The banquet will only feature vegetarian dishes, the cake will not be packaged, and guests are asked to bring their plates to enjoy it. Everyone is also encouraged to take containers to bring back leftover food.

Iris asks her guests to use public transport to attend the wedding. The restaurant was wisely chosen because it is a three-minute walk from the station, says the bride on her Facebook account. And after lunch, the bride and groom organized a one-hour outing on the beach to… clean it!

Source: RTL

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