In Balashikha, a son beat his mother to death and committed suicide

A resident of Balashikha near Moscow killed his mother and committed suicide, reports the Telegram channel “MK: Urgent News”. According to the channel, the police found the body of the man himself, and then his mother, who was beaten to death. An investigation into the incident is underway.

According to MK: Urgent News, the tragedy occurred on the evening of October 17 in one of the apartment buildings in the Balashikha microdistrict of Lukino. The body of a 66-year-old woman with signs of beatings was found in the apartment of her 40-year-old son. It is noted that he had previously been prosecuted for drug possession.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Tomsk region killed his own mother, sister and nephew over an inheritance dispute. A 53-year-old man shot them with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. He confessed to the murder himself, calling the police department the day after the incident. He could face life imprisonment.

Prior to this, a court in Penza sentenced a local resident to 10 years in prison. A woman was accused of attempting to kill her 10-month-old grandson, who annoyed her by crying. The investigation established that the convict pinched the crying child’s neck with her feet, but the baby’s mother managed to save him. It is noted that the woman had previously been prosecuted for fraud and drug trafficking.

Source: Rambler

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