Google has limited traffic data in Israel and the Gaza Strip

The American corporation Google, at the request of the Israeli military, hid traffic data in Israel and the Gaza Strip in its Google Maps and Waze applications. About it writes Bloomberg.

“We have temporarily disabled the ability to see traffic conditions in real time for security reasons,” the publication quotes a statement from a Google representative.

The company emphasized that, despite the restrictions imposed, users of their services in the region “will continue to receive an estimated time of arrival based on actual road conditions.”

At the same time, the publication’s source noted that the shutdown is due to the fact that information from interactive maps can help track the movement of Israeli troops.

The situation in the Middle East escalated sharply on October 7, when the Palestinian group Hamas launched attacks on Israeli territory, entering a number of border towns and taking hostages. The Israeli authorities announced a transition to a state of war and the start of an operation in the Gaza Strip.

The day before, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced a new stage of the war. According to the head of the Israeli defense department, Yoav Galant, fighters of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will conduct a combined attack on the enemy from air, land and sea.

Source: Rambler

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