Foreign media review: Biden on the suppression of the Russian Federation, “Poland is losing because of Ukraine”

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Suppression of Russia and peace in the Middle East: Biden on the goals of his second term

US President Joe Biden stated in an interview with CBS News that he is confident in his plans to run for second place in 2024. Biden recalled that he was going into his first presidential election, declaring that “the world is at a turning point.” According to the politician, the world is still changing and during his second term he could achieve normalization in the Middle East.

Biden also said that if he wins the election, he will try to “virtually unite all of Europe” and “suppress” the Russian authorities so that they “can no longer create the problems that they created.”

“We have enormous opportunities to make the world a better place,” the US President emphasized.

Macron ordered to check the dossier of radicals after the attack on the school

On Monday, October 16, French President Emmanuel Macron asked French prefects to review the files of radicals and identify those who need to be deported. reports BFMTV. Macron demanded a “ruthless attitude towards all those who carry hatred and terrorist ideology.”

The French President made this demand three days after the murder of the school teacher. The media named the attacker as a 20-year-old native of Ingushetia, whose family had previously tried to obtain political asylum in France. BFMTV notes that the young man previously studied at this school, and the French authorities included him in the “list C” – a list of persons posing a threat to national security. The goal of the check initiated by Macron is to identify all foreign radicals and deport them “as soon as possible.” Macron asked the country’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to “pay special attention to people from the Caucasus from List C in the age group 16-25 years old.” Darmanen has already announced that he will resume interrupted negotiations with Russia on the expulsion of these individuals.

“Poland is losing because of Ukraine”

Polish professor Witold Modzelewski stated in his article for Myśl Polska that leading Western countries are using Poland, imposing on it the “most absurd” and “maximum kitschy” propaganda, such as claims that Russia is an “Evil Empire”. According to him, Poland, which occasionally tries to defend its rights, is losing not only economically, but also politically.

As an example, Modzelewski cited the grain conflict between Poland and Ukraine. The “illegal,” according to Western countries, imposition of an embargo on Ukrainian grain will be “exemplarily punished,” since Poland “violated international law.” The professor noted that all actions of the Polish authorities, “intentionally or accidentally corresponding to the interests of citizens,” surprisingly contradict international law and especially the law of the European Union.

Police disperse a large protest in support of Palestine in Berlin

On Sunday, October 15, about a thousand people attended a pro-Palestinian rally on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, “where anti-Israeli slogans were shouted undisturbed for almost three hours,” reports Tagesspiegel. Sources of the publication said that the police were surprised by the large number of demonstrators who simultaneously poured into Potsdamer Platz from all sides.

The experienced officer said that he had never seen anything like it “in terms of dynamism and speed.” Initially, the action was coordinated with a much smaller number of participants; in the end, 153 people were detained. 68 cases were initiated regarding administrative violations. The police arrived with a water cannon, but did not use it because many protesters brought children with them. As a result, the demonstrators were dispersed by 500 police officers. Tagesspiegel reports one police officer was injured.

German general: The West thwarted the Ukrainian offensive

German General Klaus Wittmann stated broadcast on Welt that responsibility for the failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ offensive lies with Ukraine’s Western allies, who did not transfer weapons on time and in sufficient quantities. About it reports RIA News.

According to Western experts, the offensive by Ukrainian forces, launched four months ago, has not led to any significant success. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are faced with the problem of huge mined fields, while the Russian army is receiving reinforcements with thousands of soldiers. Wittmann emphasized that the West delivered weapons to Ukraine too late and there were too few of them. The German general noted that Russia had enough time to build impenetrable defense lines.

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