Erdogan criticized the West for supporting Israel

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Western countries of violating international law against the backdrop of their unconditional support for Israel. About it writes TASS.

The head of Turkey stressed that all significant Western states support the Israeli Defense Forces’ attacks on the Gaza Strip.

According to him, Washington and Brussels see the Universal Declaration of Human Rights only when their interests are affected and act according to double standards.

Erdogan: Turkey does not consider Hamas a terrorist organization

Instead of sending a ship with humanitarian aid, they sent an aircraft carrier. This clearly showed what kind of lobby Western countries serve, Erdogan stated.

The President noted that the European Union and the UN have still done nothing to stop the conflict and stop the bloodshed.

Earlier, Erdogan announced that he was canceling his visit to Israel. In addition, he added, official Turkish delegations will suspend trips to this country.

Source: Rambler

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