Digital currency scam man arrested in Moscow

In Moscow, a court arrested a 35-year-old man accused of fraud under the guise of attracting investments in an NFT (a type of cryptographic token) business project. was informed about this by the press service of the capital’s prosecutor’s office.

According to investigators, he stole digital currency from a Muscovite – more than 670 thousand USDT, which is equivalent to 670 thousand dollars.

The deceived said that he met the accused at a business meeting, during which he invited him to invest NFT paintings of a famous artist, whose value increases after being posted on various resources.

The victim was added to the messenger chat where information about transactions was posted. He transferred his savings in cryptocurrency, after which the swindler stopped contacting him.

Now investigators are looking into the arrestee’s involvement in committing similar fraudulent acts.

It was previously reported that the popularity of the new memcoin GRIMACE has increased in the cryptocurrency markets.

Source: Rambler

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