Borrell: Ukraine disappeared from the news, but not from reality

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that “Ukraine has disappeared from the news, but not from reality.” About it reports RIA News”.

Borrell made this statement following a meeting of European foreign ministers in Luxembourg. He also added that the European Union is going to “move forward” on the issue of supporting Ukraine.

“Ukraine has disappeared from the media, from the news, but has not disappeared from reality… We discussed issues of security guarantees for Ukraine in the medium and long term. <...> We will await the recommendation of this week’s EU summit to move forward on the creation of a special fund for Ukraine within the European Peace Facility. For this we will need recommendations from the EU summit,” he said.

Borrell also clarified that this also applies to the Ukrainian “peace formula”. According to him, “soon” there will be another meeting with a large number of participants, at which Kyiv’s “peace formula” will be discussed. He added that the meeting will take place in Malta.

Earlier, Borrell called on the European Union “not to forget about Ukraine.”

Source: Rambler

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