Biden acknowledged the growing threat of terrorist attacks on US soil

US President Joe Biden said that due to the worsening Israeli-Palestinian conflict in America, the threat of terrorist attacks has increased. He spoke about this in an interview with CBS.

Biden, answering a question about possible terrorist threats in the United States, admitted that against the backdrop of escalation in the Middle East, the likelihood of terrorist attacks in America has increased. The US President said that he met with representatives of US intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies to discuss this threat. He stressed that the American authorities are making every effort to avoid terrorist attacks in the country.

Earlier it was reported that US President Joe Biden said that his administration is in discussions with Israel and Egypt regarding the creation of a safe corridor for the evacuation of civilians in the Gaza Strip. However, he noted that negotiations on this issue are “difficult.” The US President also expressed confidence that Israel, in responding to the recent high-profile attacks by the Palestinian Hamas movement, will “do everything possible” to prevent civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Rambler

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