Before you fall asleep: Hamas attack on Ben Gurion airport and Zelensky’s refusal to visit Israel

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In Finland, they named the consequences for the Russian Federation due to the accident at Balticconnector

A researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Relations, Joel Linnainmäki, said what the European Union and NATO will do if Russia is found to be involved in the gas pipeline incident in the Gulf of Finland, InoSMI reports.

According to him, in the current situation, Finland, NATO and the European Union have room for action.

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Media: Zelensky was denied a visit to Israel

Vladimir Zelensky, who visited European countries last week, wanted to make a solidarity visit to Israel together with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, but the Israeli authorities refused him. Ynet reports this with reference to a source who became aware of Zelensky’s request.

According to a Ynet source, Israeli authorities told Zelensky that “now is not the right time,” but he will be able to come later.

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Hamas militant wing announces attack on Ben Gurion airport

The militant wing of Hamas, the Izz ed-Din al-Qassam Brigades, announced a new missile attack on Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

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Shoigu assessed the situation in the special operation zone at a Security Council meeting

The head of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, at a meeting of the Russian Security Council reported on the situation in the special operation zone. He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to achieve success in all areas, writes TASS.

According to the agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin, FSB head Alexander Bortnikov, SVR head Sergei Naryshkin and head of the Russian Guard Viktor Zolotov are present at the meeting.

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The Georgian court granted the request to impeach President Zurabishvili


The Constitutional Court (CC) of Georgia satisfied the constitutional submission of the ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party and found that the President of the Republic, Salome Zurabishvili, violated the constitution due to her foreign visits without government permission.

The court’s decision was read live by the head of the Constitutional Court, Merab Turava.

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The Ministry of Economic Development gave a forecast for the ruble exchange rate for 2024

In 2024-2026, the ruble exchange rate will probably stabilize, said the head of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Maxim Reshetnikov.

During his speech at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes, he noted that the ministry forecasts a range of 90-92 rubles per dollar in the above period.

The Foreign Ministry named the conditions for Russia to conduct a nuclear test

If the State Duma decides to withdraw ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Russia will conduct a nuclear test only if the United States takes such a step. This was stated by the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for nonproliferation and arms control, Vladimir Ermakov, TASS reports.

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A plane flying to Turkey with 178 passengers on board was struck by lightning


A Condor Airlines passenger plane flying from Germany to Turkey was struck by lightning. This was reported by the Airportia portal.

According to the source, the incident occurred on Sunday, October 15, when the plane was taking off from the Hamburg runway. It is clarified that the crew first continued to climb, and then decided to head to Munich, where they landed with excess landing weight.

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The Central Bank showed the design of updated banknotes in denominations of 1000 and 5000 rubles


Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Sergei Belov demonstrated updated banknotes in denominations of 5,000 and 1,000 rubles, Izvestia reports.

It is expected that the new banknotes will go into circulation in stages. The Central Bank clarified that they will be treated equally with banknotes of the 1997 model.

The embassy in France responded to the news about the expulsion of radicals to the Russian Federation


The Russian Embassy in Paris stated that they have not yet received a request from the French authorities to deport radical immigrants from Russia. RIA Novosti reports this.

On October 16, the media reported that French President Emmanuel Macron asked French prefects to review the files of radical foreigners and identify those who need to be deported. Macron demanded a “ruthless attitude towards all those who carry hatred and terrorist ideology.”

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