Baza: fireworks injured two spectators during a pyrotechnic show in Moscow

During a pyrotechnic show in Moscow, fireworks accidentally hit two spectators. The hit led to injuries, reports the Baza telegram channel.

“The fireworks hit people – a man and a woman were injured,” the telegram channel reports.

They added that this happened during a show that took place at the Master Panin Film Adventure Park. One of the charges, which was supposed to be directed upward, tilted by mistake and flew towards the people.

The woman received burns to her head and neck, and the man was diagnosed with a bruised cheek wound and a burn. They had to wait for help for more than half an hour, since there was no ambulance at the event. The woman was hospitalized at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute to receive the necessary treatment, the telegram channel concluded.

Source: Rambler

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