An oil spill occurred in Yakutia

An oil spill was recorded in a stream near the village of Topolinoye in the Tomponsky district of Yakutia. This was reported by the regional Ministry of Ecology.

“On October 25, 09:00 (03:00 Moscow time – TASS), the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia received information about an oil spill in a stream near the village of Topolinoye, Tomponsky district. <…> The stream is located between the village of Topolinoye and the water intake. The volume of the oil spill is approximately 4-5 liters. No traces of approaching vehicles were found. The pollution will be eliminated in the near future,” the statement said.

It is clarified that the stream has steep banks on both sides and does not intersect with other water bodies. An investigation is underway to determine the possible causes of contamination.

Source: Rambler

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