An Air India plane made an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo

The Indian airline Air India, flying from Delhi to London, landed at an alternate airfield at Sheremetyevo Airport. About this with reference to the director of public relations at the airport, Anna Zakharenkova. writes RIA News.

Sheremetyevo clarified that the plane landed at 10.04 Moscow time “due to poor health of the passenger.”

“Prompt meeting and service of the flight and passenger were provided in accordance with the regulations. Sheremetyevo doctors conducted an examination, provided first aid, after which the passenger was hospitalized at the Khimki Regional Hospital,” explained Anna Zakharenkova.

At 14.09 Moscow time, flight AI 111 took off for London.

Earlier, in Volgograd, due to poor health of a passenger, a plane flying from Moscow to Sochi landed urgently. According to the Volgograd Region Health Committee, a 60-year-old woman suddenly became ill during the flight. However, the doctors who arrived at the scene were unable to help her, and the woman died.

Source: Rambler

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