An actor from “Univer” fought for SVO

In Moscow, the actor from the TV series “Univer” and “Pyatnitsky” Alexander Vedmensky got into a fight with a passerby who criticized the special operation in Ukraine. This was written about in the Shot telegram channel.

The actor and his friends were relaxing at a karaoke bar near the Radisson hotel. While he was waiting, he clashed with a passerby who spoke out against the Russian special operation.

“Fists flew. They waved and they hit me. And I got it,” Alexander Vedmensky told the telegram channel.

He clarified that he was feeling well and had returned to filming television projects.

Vedmensky is 39 years old. He starred in such films and TV series as “Univer”, “The Talion Principle”, “Mommies”, “Formers”, “Sledaki” and “Pyatnitsky”.

Source: Rambler

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