Abbas named the condition for returning to power in Gaza

Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), told US officials that he would return to Gaza only if concrete agreements were reached with Israel. Writes about this The Times of Israel.

The head of the PNA explained that Israel should publicly allow the creation of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

In this case, Abbas noted, he would agree to take over control of both the West Bank and the enclave.

At the same time, the politician emphasized, he “does not want to return to Gaza on an IDF tank.”

Let us remember that the conflict between Palestine and Israel has been going on for several decades. From time to time it enters a hot phase, despite all the efforts of major powers and international organizations.

Abbas accused Israel of imposing a military solution on the Palestinians

Thus, on October 7, fighters from the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement launched a series of attacks on Israeli territory. In response, Tel Aviv struck the Gaza Strip.

Shelling by both the IDF and Hamas occurs daily. Thousands of civilians became victims of rocket, bomb, mortar and artillery strikes.

Source: Rambler

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