A Russian woman under anesthesia was dropped from a table during a medical procedure

In Sevastopol, a woman suffered fractures after she was dropped from a table during a procedure under anesthesia in a private clinic. This was reported by New Day.

According to the publication, the Russian woman had an endoscopy performed in a private clinic under general anesthesia. After waking up, she felt a severe headache and noticed blood on her face. A medical staff member stitched her up.

Doctors told the woman that she fell off the table during the procedure. She was given an X-ray and CT scan of her head, offered a separate room and asked not to go to the ambulance.

The victim nevertheless contacted an ambulance, which took her to a public clinic. There she was diagnosed with a fracture of the frontal process of the jaw, wounds to the eyelids, upper lip, bruises, facial hematomas, a closed fracture of the nose, contusion of the eye and optic nerve paresis.

The woman had to recover in the department of maxillofacial surgery. After that, she sued the private clinic.

Source: Rambler

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