A record 105 thousand mortgages have been issued in Moscow since the beginning of the year

The Moscow Office of Rosreestr recorded a record in the capital’s real estate market – almost 105.2 thousand registered housing loan agreements since the beginning of the year. This is 12.8 thousand higher than the last maximum figure.

“In total, since the beginning of this year, Rosreestr in Moscow has registered 105,179 residential mortgage lending agreements in the primary and secondary real estate markets. This figure increased by 32.5% compared to January – September 2022 (79.4 thousand) and by 13.9% by the same period in 2021 (92.4 thousand),” the department’s press service said in a statement.

According to the head of the Rosreestr department for Moscow, Igor Maidanov, in September 2023, the department recorded 12.9 thousand residential mortgage lending agreements for new buildings and secondary real estate, which is 32.4% higher than September 2022 (almost 9.8 thousand) and 8.9% less than the result of August of this year – 14.2 thousand. However, this is the highest figure for September in 15 years, the department noted: the previous maximum was in 2020 – 10.3 thousand contracts.

“The third quarter of this year set a record for the number of registrations of mortgage agreements for the purchase of housing in the primary and secondary markets. For the first time in Moscow, their number exceeded 40 thousand. This is 3,887 transactions more than the previous maximum recorded in the fourth quarter of 2020, when 36 .5 thousand residential mortgages,” Maidanov added.

The volume of mortgages issued under preferential programs with state support in Moscow from January to September 2023 reached 582.7 billion rubles, which is 19.6% of the all-Russian volume of preferential mortgages, according to Vladimir, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Efimova. In total, over the entire duration of the programs in the capital, housing loans were issued in the amount of over 1.8 trillion rubles, he added.

Source: Rambler

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