A protest against the monarchy was staged at Buckingham Palace

Members of the Republic movement, opposed to the monarchy, staged a protest at Buckingham Palace. Security officers quickly detained them; no damage to property was recorded. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the Telegraph newspaper.

The publication notes that the activists allegedly bought tickets to enter the palace and went inside as tourists.

The Telegraph publication said that the actions of Republic movement activists caused outrage in British society after a protest against the monarchy at Buckingham Palace. They entered the royal palace shortly after noon posing as tourists and then posed for photos in the Great Hall wearing T-shirts with the words “Not My King” written on them.

Photos were posted on social networks. Under the pictures, representatives of the movement wrote that it was a fantastic moment for republicans across the UK, because “a group of normal citizens” were able to protest the monarchy and support democracy in the adopted home of the royal family.

The Telegraph writes that the protest lasted “a matter of seconds” before security detained six protesters and escorted them out the main gate.

Source: Rambler

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